iOS Exclusive Apps: Take the Challenge, Build the Tallest Skyscraper and Go on A Trip Without the Hassle

iOS applications brings impressive overall performance and higher replay value than anything else. Looking for some apps exclusive to Apple? There are apps everywhere that are not entirely new. But new concepts have given these apps not just a whole new look but also a means to have fun in more different ways.


Stack Heroes

Are you fond of stacking games? Callipix brings the stackable into your pockets with Stack Heroes. Pile as many falling blocks to create your very own skyscraper. The game tests your drive, creativity and speed as well as understanding the law of physics to a whole different dimension. The simple and colourful twist to your usual stacking game make Stack Heroes a lot more fun to play with. It comes with different backdrops and new challenges like moving platforms, disappearing blocks and perhaps anything to give you a hard time to build that tallest tower in world of pocket gaming. Get the game exclusively at the App Store to take hold of these awesome features.

  • Beat your friends at the Game Centre
  • Post and Share
  • Beat the clock
  • Make the highest tower
  • Conquer over 45 challenges
  • Discover 9 different worlds


Social Bet Inc. brings to you a new way to take the challenge within your social community! With the use of video, users can take part in the most interesting challenges among influential people, brands, charities, celebrities and their friends!

  • Perform random tasks via selfie
  • Mingle by joining in the fun
  • Get rewards and prizes thrown away by some companies for a cause

Failpop – Essential Travel Tips

Traveling is always filled with fun and adventure and that includes the misadventures you have when you’re quite unfamiliar to these new places. Pixel Bakery s.r.o presents Failpop to save your day when you travel to different countries around the world. It serves as your pocket guide so that you won’t look like a first time tourist on that new place at all. It gives an overview of the customs in GIF (moving image) format and some tips to make your trip nice and memorable.

  • Know the Do’s and Don’ts. Cultural subjects to avoid epic fail
  • Get Tips. Know what clothes are appropriate
  • Fun Facts. Learn the table manners and how to eat their local foods
  • Share Your Views. Get input from other travellers as they share their experiences and get tips on proper manners when meeting with the locals