Is the iPad a Better Tool for Businesses than Consumers?

Apple’s iPad continues to experience a sales decline, however, there’s an emerging demand from governments and enterprises.

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Apple created the iPad for mass consumption but it appears that businesses are its primary target market at the moment. The New York Times reports that almost half of the entire iPad sales are covered by government offices and corporations, business customers own the large chunk of high-end iPad sales.

Frank Gillet of Forrester Research says that substantial data has revealed that Apple’s tablet is stronger in the enterprise market compared to a more mainstream consumer market. The iPad was launched 6 years ago and was never really intended for significant enterprise use. So why is Apple experiencing this significant growth from the business sector?

Apple Collaborates with Microsoft for iPad Pro

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Most people will use the iPad to play games or complement their lifestyle with productivity apps.  Apple knows that after it launched the iPad, the tablet wars would soon follow. It has collaborated with IBM to produce a range of business-focused iOS apps in 2014, and has also teamed up with SAP and Cisco to complement quality assurance requirements for enterprises.

Aside from these IT and software companies, Apple even joined forces with Microsoft to come up with the iPad Pro. This tablet owes its success to the augmented Office software and projects it as an essential and effective productivity suite for the enterprise iPad users. Apple wants to position the iPad Pro that it’s the next phase in enterprise mobile computing.

The iPad Proves to be Useful for Business Owners

Apple’s iOS is perceived as the most advanced mobile OS compared to Android and Windows tablets. It’s not surprising that even local business owners are using the iPad for their business operations. It’s not surprising that even local business owners are using the iPad for their business operations. The fact that the Apple App Store has an exclusive collection of business-related productivity apps makes it more of a dynamic business device than a recreational tool.

Here are 4 Essential iPad Uses for Businesses:

1.) Presentation Tool


Most of us would carry a bulky laptop as we hop from one meeting to another. You can use the iPad with a VGA adapter and supporting software to give a smooth presentation. The key here is to have your relevant files synced in advance and ensuring that the transferred files are in place. Using an iPad also enables you to be more mobile when you are standing infront of an audience and presenting important points of your presentation deck.

2.) Productivity Assistant

Microsoft OneNote will complement your iPad use. You can easily list down ideas for articles, creative pitches, and internal business concerns. Thanks to the iCloud, you can easily transfer files from OneNote using MobileNoter on the iPad. This is simply one example how iOS apps can have a productive collaboration with other operating systems. It’s just a matter of finding the right apps and softwares to complement business-related work. Combining your schedule with iOS productivity apps is another way to make the most out of your iPad.

3.) Visual Marketing Tool

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It has been a best practice for marketers during trade shows and conventions to use an iPad over paper brochures. Remember that the iPad is gives you some creative boost by creating marketing materials such as brochures and e-newsletters. The great thing about showing your business’ brochure to a potential customer using your iPad is that it allows you to personalize your sales pitch.

4.) Remote Office Presence

The iPad allows you to review and edit Word documents and study Excel spreadsheet vividly. The portability aspect gives business owners an edge compared to bringing a laptop when travelling. Imagine you’re rushing to get to a meeting and you need a quick scan of your PowerPoint deck, you need to open your laptop and it will do some warming up before you can access your file, the iPad screen just needs to be tapped to open that brilliant presentation.