What 15 new things you can do with iOS 10 to make your iPad work smarter

iOS10 iPad

Apple iOS 10 is released now and you too wish to roll over your mobile or tablet device with it. As iOS 10 has hosts of new features to offer here are the 15 new things you can do and make your device more smarter.

1. Make Siri work with third party apps

Siri iOS10

Siri is popular with Apple devices and until now has only worked with Apple’s own apps, like Music, Messages and Email. But now in iOS 10 you can use this digital assistant to work with other third party apps like Uber, Whatsapp, Pinterest and many more.

2. Tune in your sleeping clock

iOS clock app

iOS 10 has all new clock app which will ask you your resting time, sleep time and more. Once set your device will then wake you and will encourage you to keep your sleeping patterns as regular as possible.

3. Know where you parked your car

With iOS 10 Apple maps now you can automatically find where you parked your car. When you stop driving, Apple shows a notification to say it’s dropped a pin at the relevant location -tap the alert for details, a pin you can then use to navigate your way back to your motor. There’s the option to add a photo as well.

4. Unsubscribe from unnecessary mailing lists

iOS10 Messages

In the Apple Mail app iOS 10 now you will find Unsubscribe link for emails that obviously come from mailing lists. The app will scan the message for any mention of “unsubscribe.” You have to just tap the blue shortcut link, then confirm your choice on the next pop-up, and Mail will send a message on your behalf, telling the sender that you’re no longer interested in receiving these emails in the future.

5. Type in multiple languages more easily

iOS 10 Messages

With iOS 10 now you can type in multiple languages more easily. Go to General in Settings, open the Dictionary and select the required languages, then go back to Keyboards to add the matching keyboards. Auto correct and text prediction will take all the keyboards into account as you type. Long press the globe or emoji icon to switch.

6. Get your voice mails transcribed

Now you can get your voice mails automatically transcribed for you. It’s switched on by default, though availability may vary between countries and carriers. Head to the Voicemail tab of the iPhone or iPad app, and alongside each of your missed calls you’ll see a transcription. The service is still in beta and you can give Apple feedback on the tool from inside the app.

7. Copy and paste between multiple devices

iOS 10 Messages

With the introduction of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, you will find a new feature called universal clipboard, which works exactly how it sounds. You can copy something on your Mac and paste it on your iPhone or iPad, or vice versa, as long as you’re signed into the same Apple ID on all the devices involved. With no extra menu options its works invisible and you need to just use the copy and paste functions as you normally do.

8. Use the new app Home for smart life

iOS 10 brings with it a new app called Home that’s designed as a friendly way into your various HomeKit devices and settings. It lets you group settings together in particular scenes, so everything in your high-tech abode would know what to do when you’re waking up, going to sleep, getting in from a day at the office, and so on.

9. Get lyrics to songs on Apple Music

iOS music

Apple Music has new look for iOS 10 and one addition is a lyrics option to the menu on the Now Playing screen. Tap the three dots to see it. Note that not all tracks have lyrics attached to them, so if you can’t see the option then it’s not available for the current song. If you enjoy some karaoke at home, then the option’s there if you need it.

10. Replace text with emojis

Now you can embed emoji characters in your iMessages. If you write out a message and then tap the emoji icon, you’ll notice any words that can be replace by an emoji in the text are highlighted. Tap on any of them to replace the word with a picture.

11. Show your expressions as well with your messages

iOS 10 Messages

The iMessage part of Messages has been upgraded to take on the likes of WhatsApp and Snapchat with a bunch of new features, including doodles, GIFs and stickers. Tap the heart icon to send sketches or videos. Alternatively, type out your message then press and hold the blue send button to see a choice of options. You can change its ‘weight’ or send it as ‘invisible ink’, which needs to be scratched off.

12. Change the intensity of the flashlight

In iOS 10, if you pull up the Control Center and then hard-press the flashlight icon, you’ll see an intensity menu where you can choose low, medium or high for your flash light on your device. Note that it works with devices or iPhone with 3 D touch.

13. Enjoy Live traffic en route

Live Traffic

In the updated iOS 10 mapping tool you will find that it gives you live traffic information en route during your journey. You can zoom in and out and plan ahead to check for queues, and if you tap the route summary panel at the bottom of the screen, you can search for and add nearby food stops or gas stations along the way. Once you’ve made your chosen detour, Apple Maps will then return you to your original journey.

14. Remove music you are not interest to listen

In iOS 10 you can just go to Settings, then Music, and you’ll come across a new Optimise Storage heading. If you have iCloud Music Library enabled, turn this toggle switch to the on position, and iOS 10 then takes it upon itself to delete the local copies of tracks you haven’t listened to in a while if you’re low on space.

15. Search your Photo now with many options

iOS 10 photo app

In iOS 10 Photos app can more readily find whatever you want to search for, whether it’s a date or a place or a person. Try queries such as “sunset” or “landmark” or “beach” to put the new Photos feature to the test. Also the app is smart enough to make highlight reels of your pictures and videos based around particular times and dates.

There are many more new features to enjoy with iOS 10. Just upgrade your device and let iOS 10 be installed It will work on the iPhone 5 and all subsequent models later as well as the iPads beginning with the 4th generation iPad as well as iPad Mini 2.