Living off the Night: Smart Apps and Accessories for your APPLE

Sleep is so important because it recharges you the following day. Basically,it goes the same with your ever-reliable iOS gadgets. Nights seem to be so endless for some that they toss and turn for something to do just before falling asleep.

Do you always come to bed late at night and want to finally settle in your bed and have everything within reach? Good thing, there’s a smart accessory designed for your Apple device and wearable when you want to get the most out of your nighttime reverie.

How about an app for those nocturnal wanderers who can’t seem to get enough of the evening? You bet. So, get your blankets and pillows ready as we check out what’s in store for you.



Looking for a bedside lamp that comes with a special dock for your Apple Watch? LUZI Smart Lamp is the smartest thing to sleep beside with. Other than giving you a cosy lighting while reading your favourite novel, it already has a dock that sits well with your smart watch.

LUZI is powerful enough to charge your other Apple devices while you sleep for the night. You’ve got everything under this smart lamp that changes the tone of light from warm orange to daylight. But here’s more to love about LUZI.

  • Built-in Microphone that works along your Voice Commands
  • Equipped with Bluetooth Speaker
  • Capable of Wireless Charging and also comes with 4 USB Ports
  • Customisable Watch Face
  • Programmable Touch LCD

Now for those who Feel the Night is Young, There’s a FREE iOS App for That

If there’s such an App with a name that’s so simple, it’s got to be FREE. Danny Trinh created and developed an Apple App under such name. But FREE can mean so many things. With FREE app, iOS users will no longer have to guess which among their contacts are actually “free” and up for a chat or to hangout. With so many messaging apps stating you’re ONLINE but actually unavailable, FREE just makes things a little less complicated. Thanks to FREE, you will know the real statuses of your friends with the notifications being broadcasted in real-time.

  • Busy. The word says it all unless you seem too eager for a chat
  • Flexible. Can get you somewhere but it takes two to make a thing go right
  • Going Out. When you see this status, grab your phone and get ready to spend the night away