Wanna Learn to Play Poker- Try these 5 Apps

Do you believe and think that you are fully geared to play for poker games. Are you an experienced poker player having hands on poker strategies and tips to win. Or do you wish to learn something more about Poker games! May be some winning methods of playing Texas Hold’em! Why not learn from the poker tutorial apps? These learning apps are available for iOS and Android devices be it iPad or iPhone smart phone devices.
In the Apps market if there are many types of Poker Apps for you to play similarly there are one can find Poker tutorials or Poker Learning Apps for any one to access and learn to play poker games. Let us see the poker training software applications that are available and best for us.

Poker Quiz £1.99

Poker Quiz
You must have taken part in many types of quiz events.  In the App of Poker quiz you will find variety of questions that you will have to answer particularly on Texas Holdem Omaha or both of them mixed bag. There are three levels to it- Easy, Normal and Expert and you also choose between poker variants, number of rounds and if you want to include a timer or not.  With a single question you will have four options to pick the correct answer. The number of right answers will keep on increasing your score. You can click the info button after you have answered every question whether that be correctly or incorrectly. The info section gives a detailed breakdown of the answer to the question and allowing you to clearly see where you went wrong or right.  The questions of Poker Quiz are are about concrete hand situations. For example choosing the best hand on a dealt board.  You can also compare your results with many other players around the world via Game Center. You can have this App from iTune Store.
Poker by Zynga App
Zynga App
The app if sought for as a complete guide app for poker is not to be correct to say. It teaches players by  allowing them to play for free and even link up to your Facebook account to play with friends and family and learn by playing such. Zynga Poker offers three options for players.  This tutorial will show you how to find a table to play, depending on which game type you prefer.  Zynga Poker offers 5 Max short or 9 Max tables full. There is option to select Hold’em Tables. Filter and game options from the lobby windows, set a preference for your stake levels, find a specific table name,

  • You can refresh the tables, since they are cached, to get the current lobby information.
  • Join tables by clicking on the Join Table button or double clicking on the table in the lobby.
  • Filter to hide empty or full tables:
  • Hide Empty Tables
  • Hide Full Tables
  • Sort by normal or fast tables.
  • Options to select Tournament Tables

Poker by Zynga App can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play Store and is compatible with all the latest smart phones and Android Devices.
Poker With Bob App ($0.99)
Poker Bob
Poker with Bob App is a 3D Animated poker game where you can learn poker as playing against Bob the main character in the App. His facial expressions and lips movements will show his behaviour when he wins or loses the poker game. There are five different levels of increasing challenge and higher stakes, also a variety in the table of results, multiplayer,

  • Five different levels of increasing challenge and higher stakes.
  • One-on-one multiplayer available through bluetooth.
  • Multiple high score tables tracking the player’s greatest wins as well as their greatest comebacks.
  • A full tutorial to help anyone pick up the game of draw poker in no time.

Instead of Holdem or even Omaha being available to play, this app concentrates solely on 5 card draw. In its tutorial section not only will you come to know how to play the game but what sort of actions you will be required to make throughout each game. This App is available at iTunes for just $0.99

Ace’s Poker Guide App ($2.99)

Poker Guide
Ace’s  Poker Guide  App will make you learn playing Texas Hold’em no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional player. Ace will teach you the basics while entertaining you with humor, quizzes, and gotchas.

  • Remind and quiz you on basic poker hand ranking
  • Help you learn to spot good opening hands
  • Teach you how to “read the board”
  • Review when and where to check, bet, or raise
  • Point out common beginner mistakes to avoid
  • Entertain you with Ace’s humor and gotchas

As you start this App you will have to answer few questions and choose your section of learning.  Each section on the app starts with basic information before getting a little more technical with every page you progress with. Some cards include questions of which you can answer then check your results on the bottom of that card. You cannot play any hands live with this App but understand the concepts and your mistakes in Poker Game. This App is available at iTunes for $2.99 and is compatible with all latest smart phones, iPods, iPads, and Android Devices.

Play Screen Poker App

Play Screen
Poker by PlayScreen allows you to  learn the odds of Poker Games. It provides best strategies and tips about improving how to play Texas Holdem. It also allows you to play at the tables with friends or against the computer and then tracks your results. With this you have room for your improvement in the areas of games where you feel necessary.

  • New Puzzles Daily based on current events, geography and more.
  • Difficulty level, manually or automatically adjusted, Crickler adapts to YOU.
  • Multi-tasking…Crickler always remembers where you left off.
  • Play several puzzles at the same time, even when not connected.
  • Hints available as well

This App is free available at iTunes Store and is compatible with iPad and all other smart phone devices.