The Ryonghung iPad- The iPad that does not come from Apple

Ryonghung iPad

Whenever you hear about iPad you know it is from Apple the flagship that develops brand of tablets and iOS devices. But now there is another iPad which has ignored Apple trademarks and launched tablet called ‘Ryonghung iPad’

This iPad has been developed by Ryonghung  company which is a north Korean firm that domestically produced tablet under the “iPad” brand — a name that is currently trademarked by Apple. This tablet  lets users read the news, work on documents, and perform other actions across more than 40 different pre-installed apps

Specifications of Ryonghung iPad

According to various news sources the new Ryonghung iPad comes with a “a quadcore 1.2 GHZ CPU, 1GB of RAM, an 8GB hard disk, an HDMI cable connection and comes with a keyboard and ‘network connection’ capabilities. Its features include reading “digital information, office work and documentation,” with more than 40 apps.

Ryonghung iPad

While the Ryonghung tablet is unremarkable in basically every aspect, it’s notable because it likely infringes on Apple’s trademarks, according to Cupertino’s trademark guidelines. It also seems to be the first widespread use of a famous American trademark in the country — though the country has produced a carbon-copy of Apple’s macOS system called “Red Star 3.0.” While the economy in the DPRK is tightly controlled, there exists a thriving gray market for foreign-made electronic devices, and North Korean companies apparently aren’t above “borrowing” ideas, features and names from American firms. The Ryonghung tablet also looks suspiciously similar to a heavily stripped-down Android device spotted in 2013.

Mac tablet

A couple years ago, a desktop computer that looked virtually identical to an Apple iMac showed up at a trade fair in Pyongyong. Created by a company called Blue Sky, the computer was an all-in-one device with an aluminum finish, black bezels, and white keyboard and mouse accessories.  However, the Ryonghung iPad appears to be the first device launched out of North Korea that directly uses Apple branding.

At the time of writing Apple was quiet to comment on this trademark dispute with the north Korean company over its iPad brand name. On the other hand the Ryonghung iPad company doesn’t care about the breach of trademark.