The 3 ebook Formats Compatible With iPad

Are you ready to have a chance of reading your favourite novel ebook with your iPad!. Many of us use apps that are available at online stores to read our books on iPad. Apps like the iBooks or e-Reader apps that integrate with your iPad device.

These Apps turn your iPad into an e-Reader.  It is not necessary that you will have to buy ebook formats from ebook/ibook stores for reading whatever you want.  The three ebook format compatible with your iPad will do your work easily.

ePub (Electronic Publication)

ePub is an open ebook format used by many online stores.  Once you Sync your iPad to a PC do the following:

  • Open the iBooks app and add your ePub files to iBooks. You can simply drag your ePub files into iBooks.
  • Ensure your iPad is connected to your computer and open iTunes.
  • Click on the iPad icon in the iTunes menu.
  • With your iPad selected, you’ll see a sidebar menu. Select Books in the sidebar menu and you’ll see all of the books that are available in your iBooks app, including the recently added ePubs.
  • Select which books you’d like to sync to your iPad.
  • Click on the Sync button to begin the process of transferring your ePubs to the iPad.
  • Open iBooks on the iPad and start reading.
  • You can also convert other formats to ePub and then sync them to the iPad via iTunes.

What does ePub do

  • You can optimize text for a particular display device. It also supports fixed-layout content which can be useful for certain kinds of highly-designed content such as illustrated books that are designed to be consumed only on a larger-screen device, such as iPad.
  • Like an HTML web site, the format supports inline raster and vector images, metadata, and CSS styling. It also supports digital rights management.
  • Bookmarking of a page.
  • Highlight passages and make notes.
  • Many readers include a library where books can be sorted and searched.
  • Font size can be enlarged or made smaller. Text and background color can be changed.
  • Has Digital Rights Management (DRM) as an optional layer.

PDF (Portable Document Format)

PDF is the most used downloadable document format on the web, thus often ebooks are supported in this format and available online. The iPad lets you load PDFs onto your iPad and you can read them via the iBooks app or third-party apps like Good Reader which can be purchased at iTunes.

  • Start iBooks.
  • Drag the PDF from your desktop to iBooks.
  • Start iTunes.
  • Plug in your iPad.
  • Stop the auto-sync/back up process in the center window by pressing on the small “X”
  • Select your iPad name in the left column.
  • Select Books from the menu bar just under the iTunes center window (you can skip this step if you want to sync all of your books).
  • Select the checkbox for the PDF(s) you want to sync (skip if you’re syncing all books).
  • Select the Sync button in the lower right.
  • Once synced, go to iBooks on your iPad and in the Library, select Collections.
  • Select PDFs. You should now see all of the PDFs you synced.


iBooks is an e-book application by Apple Inc. for its iOS and OS X operating systems and devices. It was announced in conjunction with the iPad on January 27, 2010, and was released for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Users can install iBooks free of charge from the iTunes App Store. With the release of iOS 8, it became an integrated app.

iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books. iBooks includes the iBooks Store, where you can download the latest best-selling books. Browse your library, tap a book to open it, flip through pages with a swipe or a tap, and bookmark or add notes to your favourite passages.

Features for iBooks

• Download best-sellers and classic books from the iBooks Store
• Experience full-screen Multi-Touch books filled with interactive features, diagrams, photos, videos and more
• Read a free sample of any book. Choose from seven beautiful fonts and three easy-to-read page colours
• Highlight your favourite passages and add notes with the built-in bookmarking features
• Share thoughts about your favourite book with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Messages or Mail
• Find a word, character or phrase anywhere in your book with the built-in search feature
• Easily adjust your screen brightness to find the perfect lighting for any environment
• Scroll through your books with the flick of a finger using the scroll view
• Use iBooks with the amazing accessibility features in iPad, iPhone and iPod touch — such as speaking the words on a given page
• Print PDF documents and notes you’ve written in iBooks using AirPrint

With iCloud features you can organize your books and PDFs into personal collections that appear on all your devices  Keep bookmarks, highlights, notes and your current page up to date everywhere using iCloud  and see all your iBooks Store purchases in iCloud on your bookshelf.

iBooks also opens content published in the ePub and PDF formats. You can add ePub and PDF documents to iTunes and sync them to iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can also add PDF documents from Mail to your iBooks PDF Collection.

You can download the iBook from iBooks Store or using iCloud features which requires an Apple ID and Internet access.  Multi-Touch books created with iBooks Author can only be read using iBooks on iPad. Adding books and PDFs from outside the iBooks Store to iBooks must be DRM-free to prevent unauthorized sharing or copying.