Rumorsand Predictions for on iPhone 7 release date and out- of- this-world new features – could these be all true?

2016 is poised to be an exciting year for Apple fanatics; find out why.

Even as iPhone6 and iPhone 6 Plus was launched just a few months ago, September 2015 to be exact, the world is already agog with anticipation over the launching of iPhone 7. The web is buzzing rumors with what to expect of iPhone 7, its release date, brand new design, awesome features such as wireless charging and built-in touch ID, among others.


So, to assuage all these hunger for advance information and predictions, we have gathered all that we can to compile these rumors and predictions.

What can we expect from the iPhone 7?

  • Design

For 2016, Expect to see a next-generation iPhone. How do you think much anticipated devise will look like? Generally Apple alternates from internal upgrades labeled as the ‘S’ update then afterwards a redesign physically which will then be assigned a full number update. Thus, in all probability, the framework will be entirely redesigned. It could be made of a sturdier material, and yes, we hope that finally the glass display will be made of sapphire glass.

  • Features

And as for features, experts are predicting the deletion of the home button which we believed will not be missed too much. Soft buttons are commonly used for android devices. This would give more room for a bigger screen without increasing the size of the phone body. On the other hand, the saved space could give way to creating a more compact device without compromising the 16:9 screen size which was used on iPhone 5, 5S and 5C which could win back those who were not so happy with the bulkier bodies of the iPhone 6 and 6S’s.

A fingerprint reader would still have to be installed though it could also be transferred further the side of the case or positioned beside the earpiece facing the side of the front-mounted camera.
A patent for a water proof iPhone has been tendered and fans are hopeful that this will be soon a feature of this next generation phone.

  • Processor

It has been predicted as well that iPhone 7 and 7s will be powered by A10 processor and is rumored to have…. brace yourself –six cores, a big jump from dual cores. If this is really going to happen, then its performance level will be unparalleled. iPhones started having 2GB RAM this year and that is expected to be carried on with future models.

  • Possible Launch Date

Looking back, Apple has the predilection for launching new products during the month of September and on a Tuesday: iPhone 5c and 5s on September 10, 2013; iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on September 9, 2015; if we are to followthis trend, iPhone 7 could very well be launched on either September 6 or 13 of this year.

However, these are all speculations and rumors, but we are keeping our hopes high that all these good things will come to pass.