Tomb Raider

Have you ever heard of Tomb Raider? Yes, indeed, such name is really famous as the adventurous game along with its great movie. Well, Lara Croft is the icon of the game. Good news for you, Lara Croft with her sexy appearance now comes to your iPad in the form of an instant pokie machine.

Tomb Raider means spinning the reels, earning money, enjoy the adventure along with the sexy yet deadly Lara Croft, well, those will be a kind of nice experience for you.

How to Have Fun with Tomb Raider for iPad

What are you waiting anymore? It is the time for you to make your iPad become the new house of Lara Croft. How can you do that? It is really simple, fast, and easy.

  1. Click the play now button.
  2. Start the free registration process.
  3. It will not take; and you can start playing right in your Safari browser.

Outstanding Features: Only for You

Of course, there are so many things that make Tomb Raider pokies become the most recommended online slot machine that you need to have. Tons of features are waiting for you in which you cannot find them from the other games. What are they?

  • This game has amazing display which will surely spoil your eyes.
  • The slot machine game is really challenging.
  • There are two available game play methods that you can choose: 1). Play for fun. 2). Play for money.
  • Nice amount of money if you are lucky enough in winning the game.
  • Tons of bonuses and jackpots are waiting for you.

Basic Features of Tomb Raider for iPad

With its five reels, fifteen pay lines, and seventy-five coins slot machine, Tomb Raider iPad is really capable of blowing your mind away and make your jaw drop. The chances of winning will surely be increased once you use the multiple pay lines.

How much money can you get? Well, without any intention to exaggerate the things, you can get unlimited money for sure. Completed with some wild symbols, scatter symbols, as well as the free spin games, Tomb Raider iPad is really challenging. You can imagine Lara Croft is raiding the tomb in order to seek for the treasure which will surely add the amusement.

The Bonuses

Once you have put your trust on this game, well, it can be said that it is all about bonuses. Yes, indeed, another great thing that you can enjoy from Tomb Raider iPad is the various bonuses that seem to have no end. The bonuses have been started as early as you begin playing the game. It is very possible for you to earn £5.00 just by trying this game out.

More Bonuses: Continued

You should know that such money is for free and there is no detail payment required to earn it. The deposit match can be 100% up to £200. Up to this point, you should be able to calculate the possible amount of jackpot that you can get.

As if those things are not enough for you, Tomb Raider pokies also offers you the cash back on deposits up to £45 each month. There is no expression that can represent this game except awesome.