Major Millions

Major Millions is another pokie machine that you can play on your iPad. If you think that this game is just a mere casino game that you can play anytime and anywhere, you are completely wrong. Why? Well, there are so many kinds of benefits, features, and also bonuses that will definitely blow your mind away and you will never be able to find such things from the other online casino games. Do you want to know what those things are? Just carry on reading and you will find them here.

How to Enjoy Major Millions

One of the things that you need to know about this game is the simplicity in making it become the part of your great iPad. The steps on how to get started in playing Major Millions are just as simply as blinking the eyes. Below is the thing that you should do.

  1. Click play now button.
  2. Register as a new member.
  3. Wait for the registration process to be done.
  4. You are ready to play the game instantly on your iPad browser.

Available Gaming Types

There are two types of the Major Millions pokies that you can enjoy. The first is the normal game. Well, by considering that this game is an online slot game, you can definitely be able to enjoy the amusement of the game by using your iPad.

You can spin the slot machine without any trouble to go to the casino. Yet, you will not be able to make some money out of this kind of game. The second is the game which allows you to play for real money. For this kind of game kind, you will need to use some money as the medium for you to place the bets.

Then, you can do the similar things that have been stated before which are to spin the slot machine. However, since you are playing for real money, you will be able to earn some cash whenever you are lucky enough to win the game. Thus, the choice is in your hands.

Varied Features Are Ready to Blow Your Mind

The features of this game are so amazing and so highly varied. Thus, it is better for you to install the game and learn the features on your own because this review will not be enough to cover all of the outstanding facts that you can enjoy from Major Millions iPad.

The basic features that you should know include the fact that this game is a slot game which has three rails, three coin slots machine, and three pay lines. The multiple play lines will certainly increase the chance of winning. This is what you might not be able to find from the other online slot machine. Another thing that you might not be able to find from the other games is that the game has wild multiplier symbol and a progressive jackpot which will be activated when you bet on three coins.

Bonuses Like You Have Never Imagined

As for the bonuses, you are capable of getting £5.00 for free just by trying Major Millions iPad. Well, no detail payment is required for you to get such bonus. First deposit match will be about £200. And per month, you will be able to get cash deposit back which can be up to £45.