Top-quality iPhone games and yet they are FREE!

Enjoy exclusive games for your iPod touch and iPhone without spending anything!

Apple has given the gaming industry something to think about. These days, you do not have to spend loads of cash to experience a top-quality gaming experience. We have this to thank Apple App Store, iPhone and iPod touch for. For a few dollars or even for nothing, you can download excellent games that could make you an avid fan of the “free” section of the App store.


Don’t be raising your eyebrows on a skeptical high now because it is true. Whilst it is true that you get bombarded by in-app purchases in the “free” section, you can also find excellent games there that can be as challenging and addictive as the priced games. Of course, there are also games that are so blah, so you will just have to know how to find the good ones and learn at the same time that patience is a virtue.

We’ve listed below ten of the best iPhone games that money can’t buy:

  • Gods of Rome

Entrench yourself in a war that can be surely won, what with the gods from Mount Olympus being on your side and battling beside you. Each battle is narrated with a fascinating story as you meet awesome heroes, advance their abilities to beat the enemies as presented in the story and online games

  • Dashy Crashy

an arcade game that will test your driving skills. If you survive long enough, you don’t only get a high score, you will also unlock other great rides.

  • Rust Bucket

a turn-based game that has evolved into a puzzle-like game which makes it very challenging. Strategize your moves to navigate through a dungeon to reach a goal but at the same time avoiding your enemies.

  • Coolson’s Pocket Pack

a word game which combines falling letter blocks and wordplay. This is a fast paced game that will get your mind working fast to create words with the required length from the falling letters. Game is over when screen overflows because you’re too slow.

  • Timberman

You can make this lumberjack chop endlessly at a giant tree. Tap right or left to move to avoid obstructing branches which can really hurt while chopping at high speed until you run out of power. If you aim to finish this game to the end there are 30 types of Timberman to unlock.

  • Stranded: Mars One

You have to give this game more time so it can really get to you. You have to sustain your astronaut’s speed, otherwise your oxygen will run dry. Navigate walls, complex caves use jet packs, quite challenging.

  • Fallout Shelter

One of those post-apocalyptic games where you have to take charge of a Vault while you humor its dwellers and defend them against the dangers and terrors lurking outside the vault.

  • Run Sackboy! Run

Before you dismiss Run Sackboy! Run! as just another endless runner game, give it a deeper look and notice that it is an undeniably magnificent game with spectacular backdrop with reference to the LittleBigPlanet titles. The game is simple and can be played instinctively but its level design is what can make this game addictive.

  • Robot Unicorn Attack 2

it’s another endless runner yet with a twist. Its colorful visuals, very likeable soundtrack and its general unpredictability makes it a winner. Your unicorn stays in the game if it can survive jumping over high canyons and get past its enemies.

  • Crossy Road

cross each street littered with danger to be on top of the leaderboard. You can collect coins to unlock new characters and fun. But before reaching the fun part, you have to deal with cannon balls, traffic, gaps and other typical road problems.