What You Should Remember Before Upgrading to iOS 10

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Apple’s iOS 10 has rolled out and early adopters have jumped right away to download the update. Similar to the bandwagon trend of previous iOS updates, most people waited the feedback from users who downloaded the update right away.

Some of us are obviously ignoring the iOS upgrade notification for specific reasons, but why fix it if it isn’t broke, right? There are tons of new features and improve functions that the iOS 10 update carry, but are these necessarily “improved”? We’ve lined up these changes that could be either a liability or an advantage for Apple users.

1.) Battery Issues

It’s a common complaint that Apple devices that run on iOS 10 are draining their batteries more than ever. A number of speculations causing the battery drain are due to background functions or phone activity after downloading the iOS upgrade. Aside from these factors, the iOS 10 seems to be consuming battery supply by increasing its internet usage as well.

2.) Improved Lock Screen

The first thing you’ll notice after downloading the iOS 10 upgrade is the lock screen. It’s more detailed where you can see news stories, calendar events, frequent contacts, weather updates, and even app suggestions. You can easily customise this according to your preferred widgets. Avoid storing sensitive information since the lock screen could show these even without applying a password.

3.) Enhanced Maps

iOS 10 brings some good news that its maps are smoother, cleaner, and more convenient to use. Apple maps can also tell a user when he is driving and where he stopped driving, which means it can tell you where you parked your car as well. What makes Apple maps better than Google maps is that it’s very direct and straightforward, compared to Google Maps’ suggesting awkward routes and recent direction glitches. Apple’s iOS 10 made its maps basic yet useful.

4.) Unimproved Music

The Music app is one of the biggest changes that iOS 10 carry, but this change isn’t exactly an improvement. It looks different and it has a new set of issues whenever you play songs. Apple has removed the song information from the library screen. Apple wants you to download songs from iTunes to view such information. It’s a minor issue but it really doesn’t offer helpful improvements for this area.

5.) Bricking Problem

The early adopters who downloaded the iOS 10 update reported that their phones become totally inoperable. The “bricking” issue is already fixed, and Apple assures that your iPhones and iPads are all good to operate as usual with the iOS 10.