When Your iPad, Err… IPad Goes Misbehaving

Millions of Apple products enthusiasts will agree that iPad is an amazing gadget. However, machines, like men are also prone to breakdown. Sometimes it just need a little nudge to bring it back to its senses but if you are the type who just loves to use but does not love to tinker, it may entail several trips to your local Apple store every time something seems not to go right with your iPad. Knowing basic troubleshooting techniques could save you from a lot of trips to the store and the annoyance of even the most patient sales personnel.


Close an app if it is not working as it should

I am sure that you are aware that apps continue to run even if you have already closed them, just like the Music app. The Music App continues to play your selected playlist even as you launch other applications. However, sometimes this kind of multi-tasking does not go well with the app and a problem arises. No need to panic, all you have to do is close the particular app completely and then relaunch it.

You can easily do this by going to the home button and pressing twice. As you do, a list of the most recently opened apps will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press the icon of the app that you want to relaunch, hold it a second. A red circle with a negative sign will appear on the icon. Continue pressing the button to close the app deleting it from your iPad’s memory.

Reboot the iPad

This technique is the easiest troubleshooting tip by far and you do not have to be the least tech savvy to execute it. In fact, almost all gadgets that uses computer chips such as desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, laptops, among others generally works well after rebooting. This will delete all the recently used applications on the list and open it with a clean start.

When the app is always freezing

Sometimes an app starts acting up, and just hangs on you. This could be because of a bug in the programming or just a case of simple misbehaving, thus a corrupted app. If you have done the two tips above to no avail, then you might have to recourse uninstalling the app and installing it again. If it was a paid app, no need to worry because downloading it again it will be free. Even you downloaded it at first as a free app but now for sale, you can still delete the app and download it from the store, still for free. The sad news is when you uninstall an app, all the stored data there will be deleted as well.

It is always a good practice to back up all your files such as spreadsheets or word processed documents before you do this. Now if it is a game app, you just have to start from level 1 and hope that this time you will get better scores than before as you’ve learned some new tricks to beat the game’s odds.