Wanna edit Your Safari Passwords on your iPad? – Here’s the Trick!

Are you having a safari browser for your iPad to access the websites of your choice? Then how are you managing the passwords associated with these websites. Many a times either you forget the password or don’t recollect a particular one for a website.

The best way to have your Safari passwords on the track is to take help of the app called One Password which helps you manage your passwords more efficiently.

In case you are not using the utility App like the One Password app there is a way which can help you remember your password each time you try to browse a website which demands your authentication.

Here you will learn in easy step how each time when you enter a new password for a website, Safari will save the info, and you also have to activate Safari in iCloud to share your passwords across multiple devices.

As a first step turn on Safari in iCloud

Open the Settings App–> iCloud–> Safari.

Safari Settings Screen

If you already had the Safari tab active, turning it off will give you the following prompt

Turn Off Screen

Now, select the Safari tab–> Passwords

Safari Passcode

After entering your iPad Passcode you will now have access to all your passwords saved in Safari, sorted alphabetically. You can now edit this list in two different ways.

First, you can delete any number of the saved passwords in bulk by selecting Edit, and then checking the corresponding circle next to the passwords you would like to delete.

Safari Editing Pass code

The alternative method for editing your saved passwords is by selecting the arrow to the right of the website info you would like to edit.

This can only be done one site at a time, and will allow you to delete the website associated with the password, and alter the saved user name and/or password.

Settings Passcode apple screen

Remember this that when deleting any passwords and/or website data–be mindful of others with whom you may share your iTunes username.

All username data is saved in the same location, and even though you might not recognize a website that is located in the Safari password tab, any individual may rely on this info to access important information.

Any other method do share.