Want to Maximize your iPad Experience? Here are 5 Awesome iPad Tips

Think you know some awesome iPad tips? Here are some hidden gems to enhance your iPad experience.

Man Plays Pokies Games on iPad

Most people think of their iPads as mere gadgets for daily enjoyment. Some people use it for iPad online casino and poker games, and some would indulge into more visual apps like Instagram or Snapchat. Business-minded people like local business owners and start-up owners also use iPad at work for Skype calls. With that in mind, we’d like to share some useful iPad tips in this blog post.

Indeed, iPads have influenced on how we go about our business everyday. iPad apps help us improve our quality of life and assists in our daily tasks. You might not notice it, but your iPad is like a best buddy you like having around. So how do we make the most out of our iPads?

Sure, it’s a great device that can withstand some minor bumps and scratches but it needs proper care to work to your advantage. The idea here is to look at your iPad as an investment in order for you to protect and make the most out of it.

Here are 5 Maintenance Tips for your iPad:

1.) Keep It Clean

Cleaning iPad
Clean your iPad using a soft microfiber cloth

The first step in treating your iPad as an investment would be to keep it clean. The usual suspects on an iPad’s screen are smears and smudges. You can easily wipe those off using cleaning products, if you don’t feel like buying a touchscreen cleaning product then a decent alternative would be to prepare a mix of water and a little vinegar to clean your iPad’s touchscreen. Remember not to press to hard on the screen and wipe it gently. Use a soft microfiber cloth to avoid minor scratches.

If your iPad’s screen is clean and clear, wouldn’t it be better to glance at it during video calls or playing your favourite poker games? We don’t expect our iPads to look pristine and sharp just like the day we bought it from the Apple store, but keep in mind that how your iPad looks will reflect your character and how you treat any gadget as well.

2.) Battery Use

Taking care of your iPad’s Battery ensures that you will use it for the longest time. You’ll find rechargeable lithium polymer batteries in your iPads so it’ll eventually get drained out. Always make sure that you charge it until 100% every time you plug it. Turning off Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities will help save power as well. Adjust the screen brightness to conserve battery life and use a lower setting in a low light environment.

3.) Back up Storage

iCloud Logo

If ever you misplaced or lost your iPad, the first thing you would say is “I have photos and files stored in there.” This is why it’s crucial to create a back up option so you can easily recover your files during instances like software malfunction, a virus interruption, or a lost iPhone. The solution is always to have a habit of creating a back up storage for your important files.

You can always use iCloud to save your files, but space can be limited specially if you just have one Apple ID for your iPad or iPhone. A great option would be to have an external drive ready to save some storage space, it’s also handy if you’ll be using another iPad unit. Always keep in mind that your files are precious and creating a back up storage is super important.

4.) Update your iOS and Apps

iPad OS Update

Is your iPad getting slower or experiencing lags? That’s how your iPad tell you to update your iOS in order to upgrade security and fix bugs. Always upgrade when there’s a new version of iOS, it’s easy and will only take a couple of minutes via Over-The-Air upgrades.

Aside from upgrading your iOS, it’s equally important to update your iOS apps as well. Delete your junk apps that are just wasting your bandwidth. Open the App Store and go to Updates in order to check which of your apps need to update. Updating your apps can also save some battery life.

5.) Invest in iPad Gear

iPad Leather Case

Cleaning your iPad is a best practice. Purchasing an iPad protective gear is an investment. Tablet jackets and screen protectors can shield your iPad from scratches, if your kids are using your iPad for games then it’s a given that they will be carefree in handling it. This is why a jacket and a screen protector are some gears to consider protecting your iPad. Keep in mind that it’s cheaper to buy these essential iPad gears compared to ordering a new iPad.