6 Wonder Accessories that make iPad looks Stylish

Do you want that your iPad should look stylish? Why not add some useful accessories to it.

Get a wireless keyboard

With wireless keyboard you can have your iPad work smoothly and also look stylish. You can have the keyboard such as the Logitech Keys-to-go which comes in various pretty colors. The standalone keyboard connects wirelessly to any tablet via Bluetooth. It’s spill and dirt resistant, as well as super portable too!
pro keyboard
The users for iPad Air 2 can use the backlit Belkin’s QODE Ultimate Pro keyboard case for working during night hours. It features 3 brightness levels and also serves as a stand in landscape and portrait mode.

iPad stand

iPad Stand
A stylish iPad stand looks and feels like your own workstation . You can have chiseled iPad Mini dock or cheaper cheaper stands  online for your own choice.

iPad CF card reader

cf card reader
With iPad CF Card Reader you can import DSLR photos directly to the Photos app.  This serves as a best solution on a trip or vacation without your laptop.

Have a stylus

Adding a Stylus to your iPad not only gives a professional look but adds creativity and style to your device. There are many compatible ones for your devices such as the Wacom’s Bamboo Stylus Duo for easy notetaking. There’s also a regular pen built-in. It is very useful for students and office workers to high light, draw the documents or mark them as PDFs or anything that wish to sketch. Stylus like Intuos Creative Stylus 2 reacts to 2,048 different pressure levels.

Use the iStick

iStick is one amazing device to benefit iPad users. With a light weight design it functions as a flash drive. The various memory capacity are 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and a mind blowing 128GB. With an ABS plastic and aluminum finish it incorporates a standard USB connector and an Apple MFi-certified Lightning at either end, with a flipping switch between them. With this you can quickly transfer large file in various formats between your iDevices. Supports the copy and paste functions, making it easier to handle. The large memory capacity enables you to save all your files in form of documents, videos, photos, and music. You can also play and view them at any time right from your iStick device. It enables 1080p HD movie streaming and direct playback.

Home Sound System

home stand
You can  connect your tablet to your home sound system. Some compatible ones are iMain Go XP   a combination of speaker system and soft case for any model of the iPad. A folding stand and two identical, short audio plugs. for you to connect to the iPad headphone jack to the speaker system. The adjustable easel holds the unit in landscape orientation for viewing and listening. The folding speaker units are mounted on tension arms, to swing them at the desired position. When closed, the speakers act as a cover for the iPad screen and the entire unit forms a hard shell case for the iPad. Two slides lock the case halves together. The makers chose security over convenience in designing these locking tabs, as challenging to slide open. The wall charger is to power the built-in, lithium-ion battery which makes the unit portable offering eight hours of playback time. alongwith a bright green LED showing the unit turned on.
home stand
There’s a Lightning cable dock for iPad and an additional USB port to charge any device. You can set your wireless keyboard in front of it and it gives such a space and elegant look.
These accessories are just awesome for the iPad and just changes the look in different styles and shows!