A Closer Look: Some of Apple’s Best Mobile Apps Today

We all know how Apple can be so meticulous when it comes to the Apps that they only allow in the AppStore. Their apps can be sometimes considered as “breakthroughs” and we can see that there are endless possibilities in the future. When we download from Apple, we can be certain that it’s a very high quality app and so we think we should take time to see them closely. In fact, there are certain apps, which are only exclusive to them. Here are some and practically something for everyone.


  1. For the Kids at Heart

All work and no play? Try “The Robot Factory”. If you were familiar with Tinybop’s “Digital Toys”, The Robot Factory is like a follow up to the series. Basically it’s like having a digital factory where you can design your own robots. But this should not be mistaken with what iOS’ Tinkerplay has to offer. Tinkerplay lets you design a toy using AutoCAD software and print the product in 3D.  In this app, your creation just stays in the in-app “showroom” but at least you can make it perform and hear how it sounds.

  1. For those who Love to Hear the News

Have a good laugh with “Funny or Die News Flash”. Funny or Die brings you the latest news whether in sports or politics but in a funny way. If you often find the news headlines too serious, you can have your own dose of “news flash” while taking that “short break”. Besides, they quite know their audience when they tell you to “get off the toilet and back to work!”

  1. For People Taking Selfies on the go

Need to pose for a group photo with your buddies in separate locations? Download “Hipstamatic DSPO”. Hipstamatic allows you and your friends to come up with a “group camera” when you’re not together. That way, you can take a quick selfie shot and see yourselves in one group picture. Wow. All the goodness that technology brings! It only takes a timer to have it working in real time and of course the initiative to invite your buddies to participate. You can call on them via Twitter, Facebook or SMS and start the group selfies all at once!

What We Think:

Most Apple apps come with a price but that shouldn’t hold you back from getting the app because every app is really worth every penny.