How It Came to Be: Have Some Good Reads About Anything APPLE

Apple’s Steve Jobs and JonyIve can be considered as the 2 people that played major roles in what our favourite iPhone and iPads have become today. While we enjoy downloading the latest apps from the iTunes and AppStore or getting the latest release of Apple unit, we can learn a few story behind the product and appreciate our Apple devices even more. Here’s something really worth reading about.



The Evolution of A Reckless Upstart Into A Visionary Leader

Becoming Steve Jobs by Rick Tetzeli and Brent Schlender centres its story on the rise and fall of the Apple founder. It would be worth to know that Schlender had known Jobs over the years and the 2 authors had actually got the “blessing” of Steve Jobs’ in-crowd. In this book, you can read interview accounts with Jobs’ so-called frenemies such as AvieTevanian(a former co-worker that later became his competitor), John Rubenstein and of course, Bill Gates. Even Apple’s current Chief Design Officer JonyIve also has to say here as well as Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) and Laurence Powell, Jobs’ widow.


The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products

This New York Times Best Seller is something you should read if you are truly impressed with Apple’s aesthetics. Leander Kahney is also the author of the Bestselling “Inside Steve’s Brain” and we can see why he wrote another chapter on Apple’s amazing history. JonyIve is the former Senior Vice President of Design and later on got promoted as the Chief Design Officer. He’s practically the man behind the very iconic product designs that we love about Apple. Ive handpicked every detail of the latest Apple products such as Macs, iPads, iPhones and the Apple Watch. Above all, this guy has been with the company since the early ‘90s and had witnessed Apple at its very low point and also became part of its ultimate rise.

What We Think:

If you want to have a rare glimpse of how the Apple products were born, you can get these books and see how things were orchestrated behind the scenes.  Schelender & Tetzeli’s “Becoming Steve Jobs“ andKahney’s “JonyIve” are really worth to read.  In fact, Jobs’ biopic is based on this very same biography that would be shown in theaters this October with Michael Fassbender playing the role.