Apples Production Line Really Never Stops


Apple for obvious reasons is an incredibly popular brand, they’re very well publicised and they seldom throw rumours into the market. Back in October 2012, Apple announced the iPad 4 as the direct successor to the iPad 3, no one really expected this revelation as the iPad 3 was under a year old – this in terms of technology is practically days old.

Whilst Apple is well known for their constant renewal of products, this quick turn-around was unheard of and hence, the world knew of the iPad 4. When comparing the two, we can highlight key differences between the iPad 3 and iPad 4.

One rumour worth dispelling is both the iPad 3 and iPad 4 come with Apple’s new founded Retina display, however, in the case of the iPad 3 it simply wasn’t well marketed and hence everyone thought the iPad 4 was the first model with their new display. When it comes to taking pictures and videos the iPad 4 wins, the front-facing camera on the iPad 3 was a 0.3MP in standard definition which is practically prehistoric when compared to the iPad 4’s 1.2MP high-definition camera.

According to Apple, the iPad 4’s new processor allows it to work at twice the CPU performance speed when compared to the iPad 3 – this is yet to truly be tested. Looking for a difference between the batteries and their juice between the iPad 3 and 4 is futile – they both have a 10 hour battery which is fairly durable. Apple have recently released their newest operating system, the iOS 6, which has unsurprisingly found itself on the majority of iPad 4’s coming out of the factories, however, we’re not sure if this is a true difference due to the fact you can simply upgrade your iPad 3 from its iOS 5.1 to iOS 6.

A real difference between the two products is their method of connecting to other devices; similar to the iPhone 5 the iPad 4 connects to chargers and computers using Apples new 8-pin Lighting dock. Since the announcement and release of the iPad 4, Apple have ceased producing new iPad 3 models entirely, which has meant that the price difference between the two models is fairly close because of the limited supply of iPad 3’swith continued demand. Retailers are likely to start reducing their prices, but for the difference, you are better just buying the iPad 4.