Avalon is a relatively new online casino slot game which has become more and more popular in recent months. The game is loosely based around the Arthurian tales.

The mythical Avalon where Excalibur was forged and was delivered by divine intervention to a young King Arthur is the backdrop for this beautiful game. After a massive battle with his own son Mordred, King Arthur is returned to Avalon.

This preamble is an attempt to introduce you into the game and set the scene appropriately for those who play Avalon. The iconic Avalon slot game launched in 2006 remains a widely played online slot game.

Slots are the Game

Avalon is a 5 reel, 20 pay line, microgaming video slot machine game. With 20 pay lines, there is a fair chance of you gaining a win. The theme of the game itself draws from its history; there is a medieval and historic touch from the imagery and graphics used throughout playing to the music and sound files accompanying various events. Beautiful medieval images create the tiles of this iconic slot game.

Basic Features

The game itself has 5 reels, or 5 play lines. Placing a bet against the game can start from just a penny and climb up to the maximum value setting of 200 coins, assuming you succeed in activating the Lady of the Lake scatter tiles, the potential is to win 3000 coins.

It is possible to play Avalon online on a variety of different platforms from laptop computers to smartphones and iPad’s or iPhones – all of which support the vast majority of online games.

The Bonuses

There is a ‘wild’ symbol featured in Avalon, this is the Avalon logo itself which is simply “Avalon” written in a copperplate gothic font. The wild symbol completes any activated play lines not including any scattered tiles.

The Lady of the Lake tile is considered the scatter tile, and when two of these tiles are present, the player receives an instant win.

If three or more Lady of the Lake tiles appears then the player receives 12 free spins. During the free spin turns, a chest symbol will appear which will effectively reward you with a further wild symbol.

How to play Avalon on your iPad

Avalon is a fantastic game to play; playing it on your iPad device can deliver perfect graphics and a brilliant experience. Below are the steps which allow you to play Avalon:

  1. Click on ‘Play Now’ button.
  2. Register for free and.
  3. Play right on your browser.
  4. You can play just for Fun or with Real Cash. It’s really up to you.