Techie News for iOS: Sundance Film Festival ‘s “Tangerine” Shot Using Only an iPhone?

Sundance Film Festival has been known to draw aspiring filmmakers from all parts of the world. But who would’ve thought Sean Baker’s film would be captured with the use of an iPhone 5s? Only with a little help of a 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter developed by Moondog Labs, the moving tale featuring Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez nonetheless became a cinematic masterpiece.


Entering the New Age of Filmmaking

In case you’re wondering how a phone so small and lightweight stayed steady the whole time, well, it would be worth knowing that they also used a Steadicam rig to hold it still. Otherwise the whole scene will look too amateur just with all the shaking and unstable control by any human hand.

A Dose of Motivation

The impact of this story behind the scene made way for other filmmakers to claim the title as the 1st ones to use an iPhone to shoot their films. Among the full-length titles that were supposedly captured using the great iOS device is the horror movie entitled Hookup. Nevertheless, Tangerine inspires budding filmmakers with limited budget to still come up with highly impressive cinematic effects. With a fusion of creativity and wild imagination, anyone can create a Festival-worthy film without burning a whole in their wallets.

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