Your App download hung up on iPad- Fix it!

Did you tried to install an app from Apps Store but could not finish the download or seems never to finish the downloading process. That means the app is frozen on your iPad or iPhone. Let us learn what to do about these stuck apps and help them run smoothly.

Be Patient for a while

It is always good at first to give a little extra time and wait until you get an error screen shot.  The iOS tries really hard to do everything it can think of before it gives up, so wait and watch that little wheel on top left corner of your menu bar. If you see that rotating, try to give it more time.

Reboot the Device

Try rebooting the device and doing the same thing again. Sometimes a reboot clears up something stuck that might be holding you up. Simply hold down the Home button and Power button on your iPhone or iPad at the same time and don’t release them until you see the Apple logo on the screen. After your iPhone or iPad has fully rebooted, check to see if the installed app is still there. If it’s completely gone, you’re good to go. Head back into the App Store and try downloading it again.
Apps on iPad

Your Data Connection

Make sure that your data connection didn’t cut out. The easiest way to test this is to do something else that requires an internet connection. Either load a web page in Safari or try sending an iMessage. If your data connect is the issue, resolve that and your app should start downloading right where it left off when there’s a working connection again.

Tap on the app icon

Many times we do not realize and accidentally tap on the app while it was downloading. This actually pauses the install. You can easily tell if you’ve accidentally paused an install if it has a pause icon over it with the word paused underneath it. However, even if the install doesn’t seem to be paused, tapping on it can sometimes trigger a frozen install to pick up where it left off again.

Delete the app and reinstall it

Sometimes iOS will let you delete apps while they’re still installing. If trying to tap on an app and a reboot didn’t fix the issue, try deleting the app manually. Simply hold down on the app icon until all your apps start wiggling. Now tap on the x icon in the upper left hand corner of the app. Confirm you’d like to delete the app. If the app disappears instantly, you can try and re-download it from the App Store.

Download another app

For some reason, downloading another app from the App Store can make stalled apps start to download again. Go to the App Store, find a free app to download. Any old app will do and it can even be something you’ve previously purchased. Wait a few seconds and see if that starts the stuck app.

Sign out of iTunes completely and reboot

Signing out of iTunes on your iPhone or iPad should terminate any downloads you currently have in progress. To be sure, after you’ve signed out, simply reboot your iPhone or iPad before signing back in.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap on iTunes & App Store.
  • Tap on your current Apple ID at the top.
  • Tap on Sign Out in the popup menu that appears.
  • Sign into a different Apple ID in the fields provided.

Sync with iTunes

Sync with iTune
Even if you back up to iCloud instead of iTunes, you can still sync through iTunes. Sometimes plugging your iPhone or iPad into iTunes and syncing your purchases back and forth will either move stuck app downloads or make them terminate themselves. Simply plug your iPhone or iPad into the computer you regularly sync music and movies with and hit Sync. Wait for the sync to finish and then check and see if the app either finished downloading or got booted from your Home screen.

Reset Network Settings

Reset Setting
Sign out on your iPad. Then go to iOS Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings (Note: You will have to sign in to saved Wi-Fi networks again if you do this.) Restart your iPad, then get back on the Wi-Fi. Then go to iOS Settings > iTunes & App Store and log back in.
If you still can’t get App Store downloads or updates to work then make sure you have a recent backup and (factory) reset and restore. Failing that, you’re on to (factory) reset and rebuild instead of using a backup. Sometimes app hangups can be caused by changes to the App Store server. Perhaps you tried to download an app right when an update went through for that particular app.
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