Top 10 best iPad Simulator Games to Play in 2021

top 10 best iPad simulator games to play in 2021
top 10 best iPad simulator games to play in 2021

Despite the iPadOS introduction, the majority of the amazing iPhone games are also considered to be great iPad games. Even if there are a handful of iPad-exclusive titles, games working on both devices are quite beneficial from the tablet’s spread-out screen real estate. Not always but generally, bigger is better. Hence, below we have researched some of the best iPad simulator games to play in 2021.

The diversity of video game genres in iPad is quite a lot where you can race cars, build your empire, or bamboozle yourself by going on an adventure. Below, we have gathered a list of some of the best simulation games to play in the year 2021 on your iPad that will keep you satisfied and smiling for a long time.

The majority of the iPad games are inclined to cost somewhere between $2 to $10, some contain in-app purchases, and others are obligatory as part of an Apple Arcade subscription. You can find many free titles as well on which you don’t need to spend a penny. Below you will find the best simulator

Best Simulator games to play on your iPad in 2021

1. 112 Operator

112 operator
112 operator

Published by Game Operators, 112 Operator is a simulator game that is more unique than any other. You are responsible for emergency services, where you answer phone calls to those who are in an emergency. After that, you need to guide them as to what action to take. Once you identify the places in need, you need to set up different vehicles for these places. However, there is much more to the game than meets the eye. This is one of the reasons why this game has been added to this list of best iPad simulator games to play.

You need to decide what vehicles are in the area, identify what workers are in everyone, enhance their tools, recruit more people to answer calls, and begin to solve gruesome crimes according to your direction and guidance. It gets quite intense once you learn it efficiently. It is available on both iOS and Android.

2. Plague Inc.

Developed by Ndemic Creations, Plague Inc. is not considered to be your average simulation game. Here we need to avoid ‘customary’ simulation material. You star as a virus in this game to eradicate the entire human race.

Even though it’s quite realistic, it’s much less grim and gritty and quite a lot more competitive than it seems to be. Along with the game, you try out different integrations of the disease and infection vectors in your expedition to create a human-free planet. Once the body count is on the rise, you can add in your DNA and increase the severity of the plague to relentless proportions. Considered to be one of the most grotesque games for the iPhone as it is a perfect analogy of your situation, but that is why it’s one of the greatest games out there. This game is available on iOS, Android, and Steam. 

3. The Sims 3

the sims 3
the sims 3

If we are talking about PC ports, let’s shine some light on this obvious candidate before we go any further.

Published by Electronic Arts, even though it might not completely qualify as a simulation in the most traditional sense of the terminology, it still deserves a certain spot on this list for being quite a sport and fun game that hasn’t lost digitally anything in its transition from PC to mobile. If there is anyone curious about the real-life replication of the game can check out the story of Alice and Kev. This game is available on Android, DS, Mobile, and iOS.

4. Football Manager 2020 Mobile


If you are into sports, especially football, and want to manage a big team and rooster to ensure they become the best of the best then this Sports Interactive developed game will be perfect for you. Football Manager 2020 mobile was published by Sega and is the best game for the job. You need to train your team, win matches, strategize against other team’s playstyle as well as continue to become the best football manager you can in the game!

There is quite a lot of strategy involved and much management in this simulation. This game is available on iOS and Android.

5. True Skate


There is a myth that ‘simulations’ are supposed to be either about transportation or the military. Or sometimes even both. Hence, here’s an odd choice sports sim to talk about. Developed and Published by True Axis, True Skate allows you to create a realistic copy of any physical sport. As this is the closest thing you can find on App Store to real skating, this game is nothing less than fun and entertaining.

So if you are poignant about not being able to attach wheels to the base of your iPad and skate outside, you can pull all those stunts you have ever imagined pulling off in real life in this game. This game is available on both iOS and Android.

6. Brew Town

brew town
brew town

Published by AppBox Media, Brew Town is an indie beer brewing game that is quite satisfying and enticing to play. You can do any job behind developing your own beer brand i.e., from developing your labels to enhancing buildings and research new tastes. You are also allowed to rate other people’s bottles, deliver orders, and create the best beer available out there in the game.

This is game is quite fun and colorful and designing bottles has never been cooler than this. This game is available on both iOS and Android.

7. Bridge Constructor

bridge constructor-iPad Simulator Games To Play
bridge constructor

Now heading towards the more familiar territory, this game is something quite time-consuming but incredibly fun to invest your time on. Time would slip away from your hand like grains of sand while playing this game as it is quite hooking as well as challenging to design bridges in this one.

Developed by Clockstone Studio, Bridge Constructor is a grandiloquent combination of multiple chasms utilizing a limited palette of materials to design a bridge. Published by Headup Games, you will learn a ton about physics and feel a lot of anxiety while nervously loading traffic onto your bridge here. Hence, this is one of those games to take your breath away. This game is available on iOS, Android, and Steam.

8. Battle Supremacy

battle supremacy
battle supremacy

No matter how much you pretend that your simulation taste is to strategize and micro-manage transport, somewhere deep inside you, you always wanted to get inside a virtual tank and blow things up. Well, bury those incandescent feelings no more as there is an app for that called Battle Supremacy.

Published by Atypical Games, this game does include many unrealistic things such as enemy lock-on it can still be quite exciting, riveting, and detailed. Also, it is a good way to depict tanks in the game and not making it realistic as to being stuck in a hot metal box with sweaty arms and legs for hours. This game is available only on iOS. 

9. Startup Panic

startup panic-iPad Simulator Games To Play
startup panic

Published by tinyBuild Games, Startup Panic leads you in the role of an owner at a new Startup. You are done with your job and quit it and had enough of working under a complaining boss and are now trying to be your boss and currently run an office. The premise of this game for you is to develop a game studio, utilizing skill trees to develop different aspects of the game and performing freelance contract work to enhance your income.

Unlike other simulation games, you will have to provide your workers with vacation time and maintain how often they are in the office if you desire to be successful. You need to lead your team and not complain unlike, your former boss. This game is available on both iOS and Android.

10. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders

sky gamblers storm raiders-iPad Simulator Games To Play
sky gamblers storm raiders

Developed and published by Atypical Games, The Sky Gamblers series has gone through multiple iterations, with its developer enhancing the accessibility as well as graphics every time until it’s the benchmark aerial dogfighting game on iOS.

However, if you tune back a few versions, you will find Storm Raiders which was an enthralling combination of combat and demand realism that goes on back in World War II. This is debatably the pinnacle of the franchise. This is proof that refurbishing the simulation qualities of a title can make the game a much better experience than it was before. This game is available on both iOS and Steam.


So there we have it! The list that can brighten up your day in an instant and make it worthwhile. All these games are not just limited to iOS but also other platforms as well, however, their experience can be dealt with best with an iPad in hand. So make sure to check them out and have a great time with yourself and your iPad.